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We are excited to offer a luxurious choice of relaxing Facial Massages designed to focus on improving the quality of your skin, reducing muscular tension, fine lines and wrinkles, allowing you to indulge in a little pampering and You Time.  

On a daily basis, how we feel and how we react changes our facial expressions.  This can cause connective tissues to become tense and fixed causing collagen and the skin's elastine fibers to become rigid.  This, in turn, can encourage the skin to age and wrinkles to develop.  Facial massages help to release the tension in the deep tissue structure bringing oxygen and nutrients and releasing the skin's elastine fibers and collagen giving the face a rejuvenated, toned and more healthy, youthful look.

Our Facial Massages help to rejuvenate the skin and muscle tone of the face whilst easing away tensions responsible for headaches and stresses promoting better relaxation and sleep. 

DURATION = 45 minutes or 60 minutes


Hot/Cold/Salt Stone 

A combination of Hot Basalt Stone, warm Himalayan Salt Stone and Cold Marble, the use of different stones at different temperatures works to relax the deep facial tissues, decongest the sinuses, alleviate allergy pain and sooth and tone the skin giving a more youthful appearance


Eastern Natural Facelift Rejuvenation

A non-invasive approach to a more youthful look, this treatment combines techniques from various Eastern massages and facial reflexology to bring relief from facial tension, headaches, relieve tired eyes, bringing greater clarity of thought and concentration


Polynesian Warm Coconut & Seashell 

The luxurious feeling of seashells gently massaging your face improves muscle tone, reduces puffiness and soothes the nerves.  Feel the seashells  release built up tension and anxiety and leave you feeling comforted and relaxed


Rose Quartz 

New for 2023!

Details coming soon...


Indian Head Massage

The benefits of this ancient therapy are numerous.  Not only will you come away from this massage feeling calm and relaxed, but the use of coconut oil during this treatment will help strengthen your hair leaving it soft, healthy and shiny.


Vietnamese Facial Reflexology

NEW FOR 2023!

Details Coming Soon...

thai face.jpg

Thai Herbal & Acupressure

A combination of 9 different Thai herbs wrapped in a muslin ball and steamed releasing essential oils and aromas.  Their aromatic healing properties calm the mind, help boost the immune system, decrease cold and flu symptoms and help with tensions headaches and sleep disorders


Hot Stone

Feel the muscular stresses and strains melt away with this Hot Stone Facial Massage.  The penetrating heat increases circulation and metabolism and brings nutrients and oxygen to the facial tissues allowing detoxification, reducing redness and puffiness leaving you feeling relaxed and energised

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