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We are proud to offer a varied choice of massages designed to focus on problem areas, relieving aches and pains, de-stressing the pressures of  modern life or for purely indulging in a little pampering and You Time.  

There are many physiological and emotional benefits to massage as various hormones and neurotransmitters are released into the bloodstream allowing the body to help heal itself.

Our Fully Body Massages can be tailored to suit clients needs and is excellent for reducing muscular tension.  Many people opting for a relaxing back, neck and shoulder treatment.  Our Facial Massages help to rejuvenate the skin and muscle tone of the face whilst easing away tensions responsible for headaches and related indications whilst the Hand and Foot Massages take away the day's tensions and stresses promoting better relaxation and sleep.

DURATION = 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes unless otherwise stated


Swedish Massage

A traditional massage using various techniques applied by the hands


Thai Herbal Compress Massage

A combination of 9 different Thai herbs wrapped in a muslin ball and steamed releasing essential oils and aromas.  When applied to the body, their healing and anti-inflammatory properties are a wonderful treatment for exhaustion, tired, aching muscles and joint pain.


Thai Aroma Massage

A combination of traditional Thai and Swedish massage, choose from uplifting and invigorating or soothing and relaxing pre-blended aromatic oils.  This massage leaves you feeling totally peaceful and relaxed


Pregnancy/Pre-Natal Massage

Specifically tailored for the mother-to-be, regular massage during pregnancy can significantly reduce depression and back pain without taking drugs which can be harmful to the baby


Oriental Warm Bamboo Massage

Used for centuries in the Orient, warm bamboo tools of varying lengths and diameters are used to offer both a relaxing treatment or work the deep tissues for sore muscles


Polynesian Coconut & Seashell Massage

Encompassing the powerful and healing qualities of the sea, seashells are calming, comforting and improve skin condition & muscle tone.  Warm or cold, a gentle seashell massage will leave you feeling uplifted, yet relaxed


Hot Stone Massage

Volcanic Basalt stones retain heat which in turn, transfers deep into muscles and joints relieving pain and fatigue. Whether for relaxation or working deep into the muscle, this massage will leave you feeling de-stressed and relaxed


Eastern Cupping Massage

NEW FOR 2023!

Details coming soon...


Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

From an ancient sea beneath the Himalayan Mountains, these pure crystalline salt stones contain minerals and essential elements which are warmed up allowing the goodness to melt into the body


Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

A traditional Hawaiian massage, Lomi Lomi translates to Loving Hands.  Muscles and soft tissue are firmly but gently loosened and stretched in gliding and flowing movements using the hands, arms and elbows, improving joint mobility and improving sleep


Indonesian Mande Lular Massage

Performed in Indonesia in preparation for marriage and child-birth, this luxurious treatment consists of body exfoliation, dry massage, oil massage and nourishing body cream. 90 minutes of pure indulgence!


Holistic Massage

NEW FOR 2023!

Details coming soon...

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