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Our hands and feet are very important to us - they are useful tools giving us the ability to work, enjoy hobbies and take part in family life.  However, they are also indicators of how we feel and how our bodies are functioning so we should not ignore them.  Regular Hand and Foot Massages improve circulation, stimulate muscles, ease pain and help to reduce the feelings of stress and anxiety.  A Hand Massage can also compliment treatments for arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, neuropathy and other conditions whilst a

Foot Massage can lower blood pressure, release endorphins, improve balance and assist with mental health conditions.

Serenity Holistic Therapies offers a range of Hand and Foot treatments designed to tackle the stresses and strains that daily life inflicts on us, promoting relaxation and improving sleep.

DURATION = see individual treatment


Korean Hand and Foot Acupressure

Based on the Korean principle that the hands are representative of the whole body, this massage works on acupressure and reflex points to improve circulation, promote the healing of injuries, provides relief from aches and pains and leaves you with a feeling of overall wellbeing

DURATION without acupressure = 45 mins


acupressure = 75 mins


Chinese Foot Massage

Allow your feet to soak in specifically chosen herbs and salts whilst drinking an organic herbal tea.  Afterwards, enjoy a relaxing foot and lower leg massage.  Perfect for melting away the aches, pains of tired feet.  

DURATION = 45 minutes


Thai Hand and Foot Massage

This ancient Thai practice helps to decrease the severity of headaches, lower back pain, digestive problems and reduce stress.  Joint mobility is increased, blood pressure lowered and boosts the immune system to allow your body to naturally heal. 

DURATION = 60 minutes


Holistic Manicure or Pedicure

All the benefits of a Foot or Hand Massage with the addition of  cleanse, exfoliation, parafin wax and moisturising for relaxed, soft hands and feet.

* This is a holistic treatment and therefore does not include nail shaping or polishing

DURATION = 60 minutes each


Tibetan Head, Hand and Foot

Incorporating the Tibetan tradition of using chimes and singing bowls for meditation and aligning the body's energies, this treatment will relieve muscular tension, promote restful sleep and bring you inner peace and calm

DURATION = 60 minutes

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